Something for the Weekend

So, on the 7th of July, the Ipanema boys and Karina popped across, or rather under the channel to Clermont Ferrand for the release of the Ipanema/Atomic Garden single. We had a great time. There was much drinking of good  beer and William Peel as well as eating of good food and how could we… Continue Reading

Ipanema/Atomic Garden Split Single!!! 7th July!!

Hey! Its been a while and we have been busy. Last year it was our intention to release a split single with our good friends and touring buddies Atomic Garden from Clermont Ferrand in France. We were extremely excited about it. The idea was that each band would record one new track and also do… Continue Reading

Forward 4 Wiz. Post gig comments

I just wanna say thanks to everyone for coming down. ramming a venue full of people that actually want to be there is great, heartbreaking, sad, funny, joyous (the list goes on) There is still some Ipanema merch left. I may make a little site to sell it from. the Ipanema site is down and… Continue Reading

Very sad news

It is with very heavy hearts that we have to announce that Wiz died in hospital on 6th Dec 2007. His closest friends and family were with him. Wiz was dearly loved by all his friends and family. He was a greatly respected and extraordinary musician and writer who touched the lives of many. He… Continue Reading

More Gigs

Well…current gig listing is as follows: 4th November – tumbledown dick – Farnborough, with Hooray For Me! November – The Miller – London Bridge24th November – Frog on the Front – Portsmouth Hope your all well and saving your pennies for Christmas! 🙂 Continue Reading

Well…loads of bands up and down the country are signing up to this lovely website. Nothing interesting there really…just one of our tracks…waiting for votes (or hits, which is more likely) to win the competition. If you get time If not, well…not expecting to win anyway we are far too cool for that! 🙂… Continue Reading

Back in the UK

Ipanema have made it back safely into the UK (Well, nearly…just one member AWOL in Wisconsin having a break) Just want to say thanks to all the cool people we met that helped us along the way, especially John and Nancy. Thanks for letting us take over your house and eat all your grub 🙂… Continue Reading

One more to go

Well, 2 great gigs in Baltimore and Boston…only one left before we have to go home 🙁 Having said that tonight is at Arlene’s Grocery in New York…apparently the place to be! 🙂 So…over and out from Ipanema in the states, its been fun. Roll on the next tour! Laters. Continue Reading

Currently stood…

…In an awesome record store in Towson (just by Baltimore), chilling before the show tonight. Tony Pence is really looking after us, and seems to know everyone! 🙂 So for all your oddball record needs (if you are in the US) check out his store. We have had a couple of great shows, Johansson’s… Continue Reading