10/07/08 - A Big Thanks!! This is a post to say a big
to all of you who have bought a copy of the Ipanema Anthology Album.

Sales have been good and as you know all money is going to the Forward 4 Wiz Trust  which provides advice and support to bands and individual artists, by way of mentoring and training and some financial contribution where it's needed most.

If you still don't have a copy of the album yet you can get it at www.bosstuneage.com. So what are you waiting for?

07/05/08 - The website for the Forward 4 Wiz Trust is now up and running. Check it out here

09/01/08 - Press Release New Album out on the 18th January!!

24/11/07 - In the studio again and New Video!

We are finishing off the mixing today! We also just wanted to let you know that we have uploaded a video for Vote for Pedro, the song on our split single with French band Atomic Garden. The footage for the video was taken while on tour in France in early 2006 and also from our time in the studio for the recording of the album soon to be finished. We hope you like it. Its up on the videos page and on the myspace.

12/11/07 - Recordings done...now just mixing....

Ok, so all the recording is now done, all that's left is to mix. We've had to book another day of mixing as the task is so big! So with a bit of luck soon we will have some shiny new recordings for you all to hear! Keep a look out!

08/11/07 - Day 4 in the studio!

What happened to days 2 and 3 you ask, well, no actually you didn't because the first ones weren't actually awe inspiring were they? Well here are some more!!

Yes, its a guitar amp but we put bass through it!!! (the small one on the top)

4 Days in the studio will do this to you!

Lawrence's arty shot!

One day left after this....

05/11/07 - We are in the studio!

So, just to let you guys know we are in the studio today and all of the rest of the week recording the bass and drums for the new record. We thought we might post a kind of picture blog as Jason has Wifi! so here are the first 'thrilling' shots!

Lawrence playing drums....Smashing!!!!

Rauf, dumbstruck by the drumming prowess!!!!

More to follow.....

24/09/07 - Postage issues

It appears our shop has been having a few issues with postage to the UK, it was charging too much. We have now fixed it. Sorry for the mix up.

24/07/07 - New Website up.

Hello to you! This is the new Ipanema site. We'll be updating a few bits as we go so please bear with us.

17/07/07- Something for the Weekend

So, on the 7th of July, the Ipanema boys and Karina popped across, or rather under the channel to Clermont Ferrand for the release of the Ipanema/Atomic Garden single. We had a great time. There was much drinking of good  beer and William Peel as well as eating of good food and how could we forget the "sac du fromage".

Of course the most important thing was the music. The single was extremely well received with many copies jumping out of the box almost by themselves! Atomic Garden played a blinding set as did all the artists that evening and the party went on well into the early hours of Sunday.

Then on Sunday we all piled round to Rene's house. In the haze of our hangovers we decided to do something totally mad. We decided to write and record a song in under 2 hours...well it seemed like less actually, maybe it was!

With Lawrence on drums, Rauf on bass and Arno on guitar and Arno and Rauf sharing vocals we came up with something we think is quite special. You can download it here. We hope you like listening as much as we enjoyed making it.

So that done in the blink of an eye we zoomed off to the station just in time to catch our 8 hour train home. What a weekend!

27/06/07 - Ipanema/Atomic Garden Split Single!!! 7th July!!

Hey! Its been a while and we have been busy. Last year it was our intention to release a split single with our good friends and touring buddies Atomic Garden from Clermont Ferrand in France. We were extremely excited about it.

The idea was that each band would record one new track and also do a cover of one of the other bands songs acoustically.

After Wiz passed away, both we and his family felt strongly that he would have wanted the new music we were working on to be out there. After all he did love music above everything else (even football!). So we set out to do just that.

We buried ourselves in Stakeout Studios with Jason the wizard in order to sort out the demo of Vote For Pedro that we recorded together at the West End Centre in Aldershot. What emerged was tremendous!...even if we do say so ourselves and has really lifted our spirits.

A combination of ourselves, Boss Tuneage and Atomic Garden have joined forces to get the release rolling. Boss Tuneage kindly offered to act as distributor for the bands. The single is released on the 7th July.

The awesome artwork for the single was provided by Countertrash (thank you Karina) we hope you like it. It was based on a photo Wiz took while we were touring in France.

The money raised from the sales of this recording will be pumped straight back into finishing and releasing an album that will contain (hopefully) all nine NEW songs that we had demoed (cleaned up and polished of course) and also the songs from "Me Me Me" and the "Skull vs Baseball Bat"single. So kind of an Anthology of Ipanema if such a thing could exist!

This future release will be dedicated to raising money for "International Fund for Animal Welfare" and "Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice" which were picked on behalf of Wiz by his family and also for the "Forward 4 Wiz Trust" which is something we'll be explaining more about soon.

Right, big love and thanks to all. Rock on!

06/05/07 - Forward 4 Wiz. Post gig comments

I just wanna say thanks to everyone for coming down. ramming a venue full of people that actually want to be there is great, heartbreaking, sad, funny, joyous (the list goes on)

there is still some Ipanema merch left. I may make a little site to sell it from. the Ipanema site is down and I have no idea why (it will get a revamp I promise and will be better than ever).

so...onwards and upwards. we have some unfinished business, and I don't know whether Wiz wants it finished or not. But I want to so in a selfish way I will :)

keep an eye out...as the first instalment will be out soon enough. a split single of all things (I have never done a split). with this band:


and for those of you that enjoyed the other bands on the night:


laters all.
time for a cystic fibrosis walk! :)


19/03/07 - Forward 4 Wiz @ The West End Centre - Aldershot



"And though we want you to move on, get up, get out, get over.  We have to hope that if you do, you don't just leave us all behind." – Wiz

Saturday 28 April marks a very special evening at Aldershot's West End Centre in dedication to the memory of the incredible talent of Darren 'Wiz' Brown, front man of Ipanema, Mega City Four and friend of the Westy, who died suddenly on 6th December at the age of 44.

This unique tribute brings together the bands that Wiz loved most recently, the music that inspired him to write and the spirit of constantly moving forwards that encompassed Wiz's whole attitude to life.

Death Defying Life, hailing from York, and tour mates of Ipanema, will awash the West End Centre with their intense but melodic flat-out punk rock.  Having just returned from a European tour promoting their new record, this will be the prime time to see these guys before they hit the 'big time'.

And we just had to book This Town Needs Guns after Wiz 'indefinitely borrowed' their demo from the Westy ranks.  Sounding something like one 3-armed guitarist, aided by four 2-armed people, these guys will delight in a similar way to local heroes Meet Me In St. Louis.

Guns or Knives will bring interludes of Stef's uniquely chaotic and melodramatic soundsmithing.  Industrial earplugs may be needed.

And local boys The Pluto will deliver whisper-to-scream musical vandalism in a treat of a set up style, which we will keep under our rock hats until the night.

Rounding off proceedings will be some very special guests.  Can you guess who?  Can you?  New and hardcore fans of Wiz's work alike will be in raptures of excitement, we promise!

This evening, about no image or ego, just belief, passion and flair for musical creativity is organised in benefit of Phyllis Tuckwell and the International Fund for Animal Welfare, with a bucket collection for Farnborough Town FC Supporters Trust, causes very close to Wiz's heart.

Tickets are just £5 from the West End Centre box office on 01252 330040, but as capacity is strictly limited, early booking is definitely recommended!  Tickets will be on sale from 10am on Monday April 2nd.

"We lose friends along the way, though we scream for them to stay.  With fragile eyes and black ties, we march on." – Tom Lillywhite.

More information can be found via www.westendcentre.co.uk

also see www.megacityfour.co.uk and myspace.com/wiztribute

Further press info: Barney Jeavons: 01252 408040

07/12/06 - Tragic Death Announcement

The sudden and tragic death of Wiz (Darren Brown) has been announced.

Wiz died in hospital on 6th Dec 2007. His closest friends and family were with him.

Wiz was dearly loved by all his friends and family. He was a greatly respected and extraordinary musician and writer who touched the lives of many.

He will be deeply missed.

Please leave your messages at the link below.


31/10/06 - More Gigs

Well...current gig listing is as follows:

4th November - tumbledown dick - Farnborough, with Hooray For Me! http://www.mysapce.com/hoorayforme
18th November - The Miller - London Bridge
24th November - Frog on the Front - Portsmouth

Hope your all well and saving your pennies for Christmas! :)

3/10/06 - www.3firstcutawards.co.uk/

Well...loads of bands up and down the country are signing up to this lovely website.

Nothing interesting there really...just one of our tracks...waiting for votes (or hits, which is more likely) to win the competition.

if you get time http://www.3firstcutawards.co.uk/. If not, well...not expecting to win anyway we are far too cool for that! :)


15/09/06 - Back in the UK

Ipanema have made it back safely into the UK (Well, nearly...just one member AWOL in Wisconsin having a break)

Just want to say thanks to all the cool people we met that helped us along the way, especially John and Nancy. Thanks for letting us take over your house and eat all your grub :)

Ok. next step, write an album. This rock malarkey is hard work :)


13/09/06 - One more to go

Well, 2 great gigs in Baltimore and Boston...only one left before we have to go home :(

Having said that tonight is at Arlene's Grocery in New York...apparently the place to be! :)

So...over and out from Ipanema in the states, its been fun. Roll on the next tour!


11/09/06 - Currently stood...

...in an awesome record store in Towson (just by Baltimore), chilling before the show tonight. Tony Pence www.myspace.com/celebratedsummerrecords is really looking after us, and seems to know everyone! :) So for all your oddball record needs (if you are in the US) check out his store. We have had a couple of great shows, Johansson's - Winchester was great...Hi to all the cool people we met (you know who you are) and thanks to the Veggiplex theatre, I have never played in a basement before but it was definitely a cool night. why don't we do house shows in the UK (oh yeah we don't have basements).

So...onto the Ottobar tonight, which I have just found out is a 500 capacity 2 floor venue, with 80's metal DJ night upstairs! hope some people turn up :)

Not sure if I will be able to update before we get home, but will do my best.


da Ipanema boys.

8/09/06 - What a day!

Well, I said I would give an update...so here we are. We got here, ion one piece...just! The plane was in pieces and after spending 2 hours on the ground in Heathrow we finally took off. We got here 2 hours late, hired the biggest car we could get our hands on :) We bombed it to John's house (John you are too kind!) and grabbed the gear, then headed off to the show. By the time we got off stage it was 5am UK time! we are tired:) Thanks to the Unconfortables for the gear and help @ the show. http://www.myspace.com/theuncomfortablesusa and thanks to The Lucky Dog (www.luckydogmusic.com). The headliners were the Mulletheads...I have yet to find their myspace, but 80's hair rock covers band. fascinating!

Ok I am off to stuff my face, drink some coffee and get some more rest. fingers crossed we don't get a show tonight :)

23/08/06 - Winchester moved

The Railway @ Winchester have double booked, so our gig is now on the 27th September. Hope this causes no inconvenience to anyone! cheers.


15/08/06 - Rolling in thick and fast!

The US shows are nearly all booked, and a couple of UK dates as well.

30 Aug 2006 The Railway - Winchester UK
7 Sep 2006 The Lucky Dog - Worcester USA
8 Sep 2006 TBC - help us book this show. USA
9 Sep 2006 TBC - help us book this show. USA
11 Sep 2006 The Ottobar - Baltimore USA
12 Sep 2006 Middle East - Cambridge USA
13 Sep 2006 Arlene's Grocery - NYC USA

See ya at a show!
laters. Lawrence.

26/07/06 - bebo...

Anyone heard of it? Well if you have and you have an account come and add us as a friend. Bit like myspace really. http://ipanemarock.bebo.com


26/07/06 - Just an update

Yo yo yo. Trying to catch up here. the world moves too fast for me (or do I move too fast for the world???). Here is the latest dates for up north, cant wait to get on the road again and show off some more new material.

3 Aug 2006 WUNDERBAR - Midsomer Norton (near Bath)
4 Aug 2006 The Fibbers - York (with deathdefyinglife)
5 Aug 2006 TBC - (up north with deathdefyinglife)
6 Aug 2006 **CANCELLED** - Sorry. Clarendon Hotel - Hartlepool (with deathdefyinglife)
30 Aug 2006 The Railway - Winchester

28/06/06 - World cup fever

Here's our latest string of gigs


8th July - Fighting cocks in kingston
3rd August - WUNDERBAR - Midsomer Norton (near Bath)
4th August - The Fibbers - York (with deathdefyinglife)
5th August - TBC - (up north with deathdefyinglife) http://www.myspace.com/deathdefyinglife

check them out well worth a listen

30th August - The Railway - Winchester

05/05/06 - Ipanema with Towers of london

@ The West End Centre 13th May.

Should be a rammed gig, and the Towers of London have a reputation for making lots of noise!

Tickets are as follows:
£6 booking 01252 330040 or www.seetickets.com

Doors: 7pm
Ipanema : 8:30pm

27/04/06 - France Report

Well, what can I say?

First things, Thank You to everyone who helped make the tour a success. We had a fantastic time, played our little socks off every night, and gave everyone a real show.

Well done Rauf, held his own against myself and Wiz every night.

Well done especially to the following:

Arno - Wooden spoon winner
Matt - Organising everything
Dark - Man of the Match
Loic - Resident entertainer
Fab - Really is Fab

Automatic Revolution you're the best!

Pictures will go up soon, in the mean time head over to http://rockpics.free.fr for a glance at the Le Harve pictures. Thanks to Dorris (spelling???) for putting on a cracking show there.

Ok, roll on the next one! :)

04/04/06 - Final France Tour Dates

Here they are.

15 avril 2006 : BEAUVAIS (60) at La mine
16 avril 2006 : SAINT SIMEUX (16) at Pub Gabariers + Crashtaste
17 avril 2006 : LE HAVRE (76) at Local Bang
18 avril 2006 : BESANCON (25) at La cremerie
19 avril 2006 : TBC or day off
20 avril 2006 : TOURS (37) at Le lilo + Apollo Kreed
21 avril 2006 : PARIS (75) at Plan B + Uneven
22 avril 2006 : LILLE (59) at La rumeur

Sweet! :)

30/03/06 - Ipanema @ the Ag. Fri. 7th April

Afternoon all. Just a super quick update from the band known as Ipanema.

We have a show on Friday 7th April, at the Agincourt in Camberley.
Definitely going to be a great warm up for the upcoming France tour (more details to follow early next week)

So down to the details.

Silo Zane http://www.myspace.com/silozane
Ipanema http://www.myspace.com/ipanemarock
Hooray for me http://www.myspace.com/hoorayforme
Sennah http://www.myspace.com/sennah
Fireline http://www.myspace.com/firelinerock

1 pound a pint!!!!!!! (2 for me please!)

5 quid (in advance)
6 quid on the door.

Now here is the good part, There are loads of ways of getting your tickets.I can....

a. pop round to drop them off if you are in a Camberley/Farnborough/Aldershot kind of area.

b. Reserve your cheaper ticket to be collected on the door. All you have to do, is send me an email with the names of the people to reserve tickets for. I will do the rest and your Ipanema tickets will be waiting for you. I cant make it any easier than that! :)

Ok that's it for now. off to do some practice (I need it!)


24/03/06 - Gerry has....

I am afraid to say that Gerry has left Ipanema. He has too many other commitments on and just cannot find time to commit to the band as well. We just want to say thanks to Gerry for all the hard work he has put in over the last 18months, couldn't have done it without you.

For the near future infamous Rauf from the infamous band "The Fins" has kindly stepped in and is rapidly learning all the songs so that we can go to France, and complete the 2 warm up (and they really will be warm up!) gigs leading up to the tour.

Ok, 3 news items in one day. I am exhausted.

24/03/06 - France Dates

Decided to just get on with it now, and let my work suffer, after all this is far more important.

France dates so far:

15 : Beauvais
16 : Angoulême http://www.pubgabariers.com/
17 : ?
18 : Limoges TBC
19 : Angers TBC
20 : Tours,
21 : Paris
22 : Lille

Voila, another trip pretty much sorted, and muchos thanks to Automatic Revolution for helping with this. Gonna be a rocking week!

24/03/06 - Just an update

It has been a bad week, apologies for not updating the site.

Fighting off the dreaded bird flu at the moment (or is it man flu???)

Anyways here is a couple of links regarding the Brighton gig.



It is 3 quid to get in, unless you print this out.


Then its only a quid! bargain!!!! Ok that's about it for now. Mail out going out soon...and I will update with the France dates when I get a little more time.

02/03/06 - Couple More Shows

A couple more localish shows coming up before we go to France.

They are:

28th March - Pressure Point Brighton
7th April - Agincourt

More details to follow, and I will do a mail out soon.

Rock on!

19/01/06 - 2006 Europe assault.

Plans are well under way for the 2006 Europe assault tour in the last 2 weeks of April.

We are currently looking for venues in Belgium and Holland to suit our dates. If anyone might be able to help, or knows someone that might be able to help have a look at the link below.

Thank You.


02/02/06 - Gigs Gigs.

forgot to mention one of the shows we have got planned.

So here is an updated list for the early parts of the year.

13th Jan - Frog on the front (Portsmouth)
8th feb 2006 - King Tuts wa wa hut (glasgow)
9th feb 2006 - Jacks Bar - (Falkirk)
10th feb 2006 - Path Tavern (Kirkcaldy)
11th feb 2006 - Bannerman's (Edinburgh)
12th Feb 2006 - Cellar bar (bracknell)

The Scotland dates are all being confirmed, changes might be made.

there will be more to come so keep an eye out.

Happy New Year!

23/12/05 - Scotland Shows!

Ok having a few websitey type problems and can't add gigs to the listing.

So for your information:

8th Feb 2006 - King Tuts wa wa hut (Glasgow)
9th Feb 2006 - Beat Bar (Dundee)
10th Feb 2006 - Path Tavern (Kirkcaldy)
11th Feb 2006 - Spiders web (Edinburgh)

...and finally (back south)

12th Feb 2006 - Cellar bar, Bracknell

20/12/05 - Merry Christmas!

Ho ho ho...Merry Christmas!!!

Don't worry we haven't disappeared....merely been resting and artistically collecting ourselves together for an even bigger year of carnage and ROCK. There are still some names I must add to the mailing list. Sorry! just been busy. Think I added some pictures from France and USSU the other day. have a look. So, things to watch out for next year:

Scotland Assault. 8th-11th Feb. Details to follow soon! (I have them, just no time to post them up!!!)
Europe part 2. Plans in the making for 15th April start. Details to follow early next year. looks like more miles than the last Europe trip though! :) loving it.

Right, off to be merry and jolly now.

Cya all in the New Year!!!

24/11/05 - So busy I forgot...

To add all of our new friends to the mailing list.

Do not worry though...I will add you all over the next couple of days, and there will be a pre chrimbo mail out to everyone.

Details on Ipanema vs Scotland, and viva la europa tours coming soon!

11/11/05 - and................

WERE BACK! Just slept for about 14 hours...after what can only be described as a hellish drive home. We grabbed the fixed van Wednesday afternoon and started driving to Calais. like a sign from god we hit the worst winds (transits don't like wind!!!!) worst rain, and worst fog on our journey and some of the worst drivers. I will let Wiz share that story with you all though. he was driving at the time, saved us from a collision that would have been an insurers nightmare! :)

So we are back, only took 24 hours (ish) to get back and drop the van off.

Looking at sorting a short Scottish tour for next year. + some odd shows here and there. Then maybe some more Europe. France, Spain and perhaps Germany.They love vinyl in Spain and France, we sold out within seconds. Next time we will bring more I promise. Sorry to everyone that wanted vinyl. If you had warned us in advance we could have brought more with us :)

Many thanks to everyone that helped us out, put us up in their homes, made us fantastic meals, and made sure we have a good time. Hopefully we repaid with cracking shows and we can come back :)

Ok that's about it for now, going back to sleep. Will do some media editing later, to try and get some sort of order under the pictures section. ta ta for now.

Lawrence (tired tired drummer)

05/11/05 - Saturday night fever!

You may well be sitting around tonight...pondering Ipanema's Saturday night activities.

I will explain in a few words. We are 100miles from the show, and 4 hours late.

To summarise:

I hate transit vans.
I love European roadside recovery.

So now we have 2, I repeat 2 hired vans on the go...one with no fuel pump which we left in Valencia, and one with a steering wheel on the left. How rock is that!!!!

The band may have to part company on our Spain tour....as we have no idea when our van can get fixed. Gerry has urgent business to attend to and was planning a Tuesday return. we shall see how it goes. Can someone phone my boss and tell him I am having too much fun to return to my job. Tour logistics is the way forward.

p.s. milky bars are far bigger in Spain. why is that?

Over and out...Ipanema (all with rather bad headaches and new born nervous twitches!)

04/11/05 - What day is it????

I think its Friday. Fully lost track. But if it is Friday that means we are currently driving from don Benito to Alicante. The only way to do it is to drive back to Madrid, and then down. comes to a nice easy 470miles! :)

Gerry is currently asleep in the back of the van, and I am pretending to be bright eyed and bushy tailed. it isn't working :)

Last night:

Don Benito has a population of 35,000 and is a heavy farming area. We were driving past lots of strange looking fields...so I had to ask what they grew when we got there. The answer I got was simple, "we grow everything!". I managed to work out tomatoes and rice as their main crops. Odd combination. But they definitely know how to cook, and how to party! :)

The venue was interesting. it was like a shopping centre in an industrial estate. but it was full of bars and nightclubs. sala cooc was brilliant, and cool people running it. I think by the end of the night the owner had drunk more than us put together. so suffice to say we rocked and we enjoyed it a lot.

Thanks to Yiye (pronounced DJ) and Mariya. Your hospitality, restaurant choice, and venue rocked!

Excuse the bad spelling, road works ongoing. Van is rocking like a boat.

Ok. time for some sleep before my turn to drive.



02/11/05 - Who likes GPRS?

Not me. Connection has been flaky as hell, oh well we are here now.

Who hasn't been to Barcelona...in your life it is a must. Gig was crazy, in a small room rammed to the hilt! luckily even though it was a Monday everyone was out to play because of public holiday on Tuesday. Arthur the singer from the other band sorted us out proper good :) what an amazing chef! next year I hope to see the singing chef restaurant ok Arthur?! :)

I think when I get back I will sort out the links page. will have a section for French and Spanish bands we have played with. The quality of music they are pumping out is amazing. It all has to be listened to! Which leads us to Barakaldo. god what a drive. We did it in good time but with only about 4 hours sleep under our belts from the night before. It was a struggle. Barakaldo is definitely trying to lead the way on one way roads in cities!! You can see exactly where you need to go, but like a puzzle you have to take about 50 other turns in the opposite direction before you can get there. Great underground venue with a small but very receptive (right word??) crowd. had a good time. and my first ever vegan meal. Bloomin' delicious. Arthur no2, cracking food mate. Starting to see a trend in names and food here! :)

Right today is a rest day. we all smell (especially me!) and all need a good nights sleep and some food. not that I am missing the meat, but a steak would be trés cool.



31/10/05 - St-etienne...WOW

What a gig! the elephant pub was rammed and it was an awesome gig! Having loads of connection problems...so I will make a blog with all the info when we get home. Steaming towards Barcelona as I am typing this. Hope we get there in time! :) Thanks to everyone who has helped us so far, too many to list! but you know who you are :)

p.s. vegetarian food in France is great. why is it so bad in England?


30/10/05 - Day 2. Clermont is cool

Yesterday we finally arrived in Clermont Ferrand, after battling with the traffic from hell...and some of the steepest hills in France (I hope we don't find any worse). Gig was great, word of a noise police raid rang through the place at sound-check time. We had are cameras on the ready. Nothing amazing happened though.

Right off into town today. Easy journey this afternoon. Tomorrow will be the test. St-Etienne to Barcelona. over 400miles! :)

ta ta.

29/10/05 - We have arrived!

Well. Safely made it across the channel, and we are currently travelling very slowly trying to get to Clermont Ferrand.It has been an eventful trip already, my excellent navigational skills have found us in many laughable situations, which I can share over a beer upon our return. All I will say is there are some major roads in France that are not even finished...but GPS doesn't care about that. LETS GO OFF ROAD!

Right....back to it.

Gez, Wiz, and Lawrence.

26/10/05 - Delta fm update

A smidge of info about us and our interview on http://deltakeef.tripod.com/id8.html

Keith Woodhouse and his show on delta fm.

check it out.

14/10/05 - France/Spain Dates

Ok here we go. the long awaited tour Dates for our tour.

29th october - Club Medley - Clermont Ferrand (France)
30th October - St-Ettiene Venue unknown (France)
31st October - Big Bang bar (Barcelona)
1st November - Pub Edaska (Barakaldo)
3rd November - Sala cooc (Don Benito)
4th November - Sala stereo (Alicante)
5th November - Sala Zero (Tarragona)

12/10/05 - Last minute gig!

We have just been confirmed to play @ Surrey University this Sunday (16th October)

We are on @ 7:30pm. 4 quid to get in (2 quid with NUS card).

Short notice but should be a good night. See the gigs page for a map of the Uni.


9/10/05 - Revamp!

As you may have guessed the site has had a revamp! I am just going through now to tidy up all the piccies etc. There is a new section for "About the band" in here shortly will be a band biog, and some answers to the questions you all posed on our "meet the band" drive we did a little while ago. Also keep an eye on the gigs page, our Spain dates are all confirmed and I will be putting the info up shortly.

Cheers all!

9/10/05 - Missing news! most important ever!

This is the most important part. You can get our record from the following website:




Some people have had problems ordering from HMV etc....etc. Apologies for any inconvenience/listening negligence. I know you are all ready to kill for this album! :)

Purchasing from the above links will ensure speedy delivery and total customer satisfaction (and bleeding eardrums!)
10" limited vinyl on the Boss Tuneage site as well...piccies can be seen on the eBay shop (which just so happens to come with a FREE copy of baseball bat vs skull 7" as well!!!!!!)

Ok my fingers hurt now. especially with the blisters on my fingers from cityfest last night!


16/09/05 - Circulation cancelled

Sorry to say that the circulation gig in Burnley has been cancelled.
nothing to do with us. so all we can do is apologise.

The Hull and York gigs are still going ahead though. ROCK ON!

14/09/05 - The Record is OUT!

Great NEWS...the record is out!!! Should be able to order it from any record shop. the code (if needed) is BTRC001CD

Go get it whilst its hot!!!

Oh, and our France/Spain tour officially starts on the 29th October in Clermont Ferrand. Keep an eye out for the rest of the confirmed dates.

25/08/05 - Ipanema @ the Agincourt

We have now got some tickets for the Agincourt gig on the 11th September.

Ipanema Headline.
Septembre (local heros)
The Pluto (dirty noise alert)
Angry Boy (angry and some!!)
Majestix (no idea, guys send me some songs!!!)

7pm doors open.
5 quid in advance, 6 on the door.

Drop us a mail if you want tickets in advance, local people can have them delivered to their door (by me)

Nice one.

9/08/05 - Gig @ STAR CANCELLED

I am sorry to say that Ipanema will NOT be playing at the Star this coming Saturday (13th August).

Apologies to anyone who was hoping to come and see us, and can you pass the news to anyone who might not have access to the site or mailing list.

Again I am sorry...cannot be helped.

01/08/05 - Gig diary. Watch closely!

The diary on the main page only shows the 4 most future gigs...and not the ones closest to the present time.

So keep an eye on the gigs page, as it is filling up fast with dates all over the country!

29/07/05 - West End Centre Winner!

The Westy gig last night was absolutely superb. A near sell-out crowd thoroughly enjoyed our set! 30minutes is never long enough :)
Cheers to all those who came along (some even from Frankfurt!!!)

20/07/05 - We're in the paper!

Well, page 2 of the courier (and somewhere in the Aldershot news) this little piece appeared.


See you all there then!

05/07/05 - CD review 2

Someone else has reviewed (previewed???) our new CD.



28/06/05 - Gig Change

Edit 29/06: The star gig has been cancelled. sorry peeps. Trying to re-book another date for soon.

The star gig has been moved to the 16th July. Hope this doesn't cause any problems for anyone. I will change the line-up etc on the gigs page when I have more info.

07/06/05 - Ooooh CD Review

www.ukbands.net have reviewed our forthcoming EP.


I wont say another word. Go read it! edit: ok if that doesn't work for you head over to the Ipanema myspace, and there is a button on the left with a blog entry of the review.

30/05/05 - More PodCasting

T.H.H (the hitchin hours) is a well spread show, stretching from www.eve-radio.com to all types of podcast sites.

www.hi7ch.co.uk is the man in charge and he has got a lot of time for Ipanema. Reported downloads of the show are currently quite high. We gave them 4 songs and a near on 10 minute interview and it all gets rolled up into one mp3. The download is available at this link http://hi7ch.co.uk/index.php/page/1117228177 or if you are an IPod user and use the ipod software to dowload podcasts you can use this link (this one will not work in normal browsers) http://hi7ch.co.uk/rss/rss.php/podcast

So exclusive interview which none of you have ever heard...better go download it sharpish :)

Also, check http://udecay.co.uk if you are in an unsigned band. A nice resource site for bands. Building up speed this one. The resources are growing as are the band numbers.

26/05/05 - All Kicking Off

The Myspace account has drawn more interest to the Ipanema tunes than I could have ever expected. Nearly 500 listeners have listened to the songs over 1000 times! Go check it out. loads of cool people on there, and some bands you would never have imagined. Good chance to hear loads of signed and unsigned acts. As for greenDragon Radio, rumour has it that a lot (and by that I mean 20,000) of people have downloaded the show that we were on. When stats are finally in I will let you all know. A snippet from the show including our song is now on the MP3 page under the media section.

Next week:
Final review of all artwork and the video, then off it goes. like a speeding bullet to Boss Tuneage. Watch this space!

Also been asked to do an interview for www.udecay.co.uk , a leading unsigned bands POD CAST. Don't worry I am not too sure what this PODcast is all about, but to give you a little insight. People/online radio stations record a session i.e. 2 hours of rock music. Then this is available to download as an MP3. the norm seems to be part of a network (I podder) where lots of different people can download different shows. Seems to work well. people download a few, listen to them on the way to work.

So its just a long MP3 really, but we will be on it, 4 songs and an interview (hopefully). More info to follow.

20/05/05 - Mailing List

We are struggling with the mailing list on this site at the moment, technical pixies getting in the way. So in an effort to improve service to our fans a temporary mailing list has been set up. If you goto www.myspace.com/ipanemarock on the left hand side is a box to fill in your name and email address.

Anyone who has added their email address to the normal one apologies, I will import/merge all addresses when I can.

Until then, just enjoy the rock!

18/05/05 - Green Dragon Radio

Check it out we made it onto the Green dragon radio. Go have a listen, and send him a message saying were the best :) Tis the first song on the play list, and apparently 2 weeks ago there was 20 thousand download of the radio show! Even though he pronounced our name and the song name wrong, that many listeners, I don't mind :)


11/05/05 - More Tunes More Tunes

I have re-arranged the audio page slightly. There is 2 different songs from the mini album, and the first Ipanema single as well. They are full songs, but low quality. Can't go spoiling the release of the album :) Go and check them out. Definitely worth a listen.

Let us know what you think. your voice will be heard not ignored!


07/05/05 - MIX ALERT. GIG ALERT.

WEEEEEEE we mixed the album yesterday. Sounds so much better.
Cant wait to get it all printed up.

Some memorable dates for you.

14th May. Gig @ 3B's in Reading
31st May. PROMO Release of Album
30th June. Advanced Album copy from Label
15, 16, 17 July. Guildford Festival. EDIT. We are not playing the festival. We didn't meet the ticket sale requirements.
31st August. Official release of the Ipanema mini Album. Date to be confirmed.

Non stop today. This is unreal, the sun is out and I am busy with Ipanema songs! Well. the myspace account www.myspace.com/ipanemarock now has some NEW SAMPLES from the album. Swing by and check them out. Let us know what you think.


So that's about it for now. Keep in touch guys, especially regarding Guilfest tickets.

03/05/05 - Oh So Close

Its all go at the moment in the Ipanema house. On Sunday the band managed to get a sneak preview of the new video, and some of the CD artwork. Friday comming we go to finish the FINAL MIX of the new E.P. Discussions are about to start regarding who/what/why and most importantly WHEN this will be available for our fans to kindly purchase from us :) Until then, you will just have to wait I am afraid. Writing and releasing all time classics doesn't happen over night.

Also, a band biog will be going onto the Site soon. But we don't really know what to say about ourselves, so we need your help. Send us an email with questions you would like to pose to the band, or to individual members. then we can answer them and put it all into the Biog. Cheers for the help in advance.

See ya.

28/04/05 - Gigs...More Gigs!

EDIT - They messed up. the 1st July is all booked up. might be moved to the 22nd July. WATCH THIS SPACE!

The Agincourt have kindly invited us back to play there on the 1st of July. Friday night. 5quid a ticket (in advance). 8pm start. 5 bands.

Check the gigs section for more info. Would be great to have a huge Ipanema crowd there to egg us on!

2704/05 - Put It away

New picture of the whole band in one place at the same time.

Think I prefer the original picture. So there you have it. If you haven't seen me at the gigs or anywhere else, I am in the middle, and considerably younger than the other 2

25/04/05 - Download stats

So far since Early April over 100 people have downloaded the sample tracks from the media page. Pretty good going. Keep it up guys, tell your mates, and your mates mates :) Don't forget that sample tracks and the Baseball bat single can be heard on www.myspace.com/ipanemarock (shameless Plug I know, but easier to gauge fans from here)


18/04/05 - New Pics...Breaking NEWS!

The video has been shot. I repeat the video has been shot. Many small urchin minions are currently splicing and taping all the pieces together to create something out of the world for a small taster pop to the multimedia page, and there are some still shots from the footage!!!

04/04/05 - Media Alert!

Some interesting things for you all. Some pics have been added and a couple of titbits from the new EP as well. Go to the multimedia section and down the bottom is a couple of buttons.
photos and music. Check it out, you might like it.


29/03/05 - Misinformed! Appologies

Royally told off!!!!!...

Today I have been contacted by some of the fans and told off for giving such a harsh review of the gig. Quote NAME REMOVED FOR privacy, "... I enjoyed it, so did a lot of others I was staring at. I even saw some bad dancing, you gotta rock to get bad dancing..."

Ok ok ok. I will say it. We Rocked! and Hard! Deal with it!

No gig on the 26th April now. Watch out though a lot of unconfirmed bookings about to become real!

28/03/05 - Download Alert go go go

Due to the lack of ability to upload files to this webspace (come on Server Pimp Bands, sort it out!!!) I have opened a myspace account for you all to enjoy


You can go there, download a couple of our tunes and even get a sneak peak into the sounds coming on the new album!!! go and rate us, we need all we can get :)

28/03/05 - Gig Results

Rock...or flop?...Agincourt. 27th March. Main support. last minute booking.

Not so sure. Being a relatively new and unheard band people didn't know what to expect. We started the set with something to prove. The dubious crowd had just been totally blown away by Workin lunch, their link is on the links page check them out NOW!!!. So we had big shoes to fill. Start of the first song, Burkina Faso. Nightmare! Where are they all going. Our odd intro to the set didn't seem everyone's cup of tea. Everyone decided they would need a drink to get them through this band and disappeared to the bar. Not best pleased. 2nd song...Nervosa. WooHaa they're all coming back. From that point on all the songs were very very well received, and everyone loved it. Although maybe not our best gig (playing wise) to date we definitely stated our opinion on rock and how to do it flippin' well, and tight as sin. Couple of bad mistakes on my part, but then 3rd gig, bad soundcheck and a point to prove didn't help my drumming none. Next time I think I will take a different approach. We rock and we know it and who cares what the rest of them think :)

We did seem to make a few new fans, and there was lots of CD requests, shame we don't have any to sell yet.

Comment of the night from a small girl in the car park. (wording slightly wrong)
" your not this new metal, your not old punk, your right in the middle and I like it!!!"

Made me feel warm and fuzzy :)

Well, roll on the final mix, and whatever gigs come along.

Well done to all the bands last night. Some good tunes rocked the Ag last night.
Think I got them all added to the Links page.


2103/05 - More Gigs

We got a last minute booking today for Sunday 27th March at the Agincourt. Main support to headline band SiloZane. Should be a good night, and it would be nice to see some friendly faces there as well :) Don't forget the Monday is a bank holiday, so no excuses!!!

17/03/05 - People Actually Like us?

Well, the latest news for Ipanema, and it certainly isn't bad.

Je Suis Un Baseball Bat was voted into the Blast 1386 play list this week.Jim's Jukebox Jail (run by reading college of school of arts and design) has been playing our single, and they voted it into the playlist.Its nice to be wanted, especially by such a decent establishment.

So, if you want to hear that and other great tracks drop by www.blast1386.com it seems to have cheezy jingles, but then what station doesn't? :) Now, GO REQUEST OUR SONG!


16/03/05 - Album of the Year!!!

Well, we finished recording on Sunday, and the results so far are much greater than we could have ever expected.

All we have to do now is mix it. Then we are ready to print, COME ON!!!

Excitement overload!!!

23/02/05 - Gig Reports

Well Ipanema had their first 2 gigs of the year, and with new drummer Lawrence.

What can be said. ROCK.

High speed Wiz pulled out all the stops, its a shame that no mosh pit was present to fuel his anger for the cause.

Everyone seemed suitably impressed with both gigs, especially the Living Legend Paddy (ex drummer) who was amazed at how I had managed to COPY his grooves to a tee. I felt very privileged.

So we can now cross the Tumbly and the Westy off the list. Where to next?
I'll save you a seat at Wembley :)

Other News

We start recording the next instalment of rock history in a couple of weeks. Cant wait to get back in the studio and get some tracks down. At the same time we also start a groovy music video to support the title track of the Mini Album. Watch this space for more news on release dates and future gigs.


20/10/04 - Back from the dead

Hi y'all, many apologies for the complete and utter silence. I just want to let you know that me and Gerry are currently trying out new drummers and hope to be back in action very soon. Paddy quit back in the spring and Jamie Johnson from Servo took over, however he quit pretty soon after. Eventually I'll get down to doing a slightly more detailed summary of this summer, but that's it for now.

This pic was taken for the new Farnboro Groove cd which we have a track on, and is out very soon, or now (please don't give me grief about grammar, I'm typing this very quickly while supposedly working!). Anyway hope you like it. Take it easy.


13/01/04 - VOODOO BASS (slight return)!

After just 6 weeks with us Colin Renton left to re-join Melaleuca. Resisting the temptation to do a White Stripes (like we're that talented) we had to cancel gigs in Poole, Exeter, Cardiff and Kingston. Not chuffed! Hopefully we'll be able to get back to all those places sometime this year (thanks again for the promoters concerned for their understanding).

By the time we'd got to the end of October we'd still not had any replies to our adverts and had 3 gigs looming for the run-up to Christmas. Gerry Bryant, a ex-Mega City 4 band mate of Wiz's, offered to learn enough songs to allow us to play the gigs booked and keep the ball rolling. With no prospect of a permanent replacement on the horizon we gratefully accepted his offer. Gerry has always been quite close to the band in one way or another; he was in the original Serpico line-up back in '97, recommended Colin to us after Simon had left, and if I remember rightly strongly encouraged us to give Paddy a shot when the drum stool was vacant a couple of years back (by far the best call). We continued looking for a new bassist but secretly hoped Gerry would be seduced by the promise of 2am load-outs in the rain and all the microwave pasties you can manage! The lure if which is not to be under estimated I can tell you! Having successfully navigated all 3 gigs we got the best Christmas present we could have hoped for when Gerry announced (with beer in hand) that he had indeed been tricked into thinking it would be a great idea to join us full time! We've already started working on more 'new' songs from the back catalogue and we hope to get back to the Valley Studios in Winchester to demo RAYGUNS TO VENUS, LOCKJAW, ATTRITION, and HYPERKARMA sometime in February. Aston at Boss Tuneage has given us the go ahead to record a new 5 track mini-lp which we plan for late March. We have a rough idea of the songs but will wait 'til we've done the new demos before we decide. Then we'll need a title and some artwork (groan). Hopefully the record will be out before the summer, maybe even a video too!

We've got our first proper gig with Gerry, it's at the Bar Oz in Reading on Thursday 19th Feb (come early we may be on first again). We could also be doing 4 or 5 shows with U.S. band LA MOTTA in the 2nd week of March. It's still in the planning stages but there are dates pencilled in for Guilford community centre, Wakefield, and Cambridge Boatrace. Keep checking the gig guide for updates. There's also a good chance we could be playing in Ireland later in the year, maybe September time.

30/10/03 - 25 BANDS --25 SONGS

Our track SKULL is to be included on the first Public Service Broadcast (PSB# 1)compilation cd. The compilation is being put together by the people at Smalltown America Records, home to the fantastic Jetplane Landing. The cd will be sold for five pounds on the Jetplane Landing merch stall on their forthcoming autumn tour and online at www.smalltownamerica.co.uk.
27 September 2003
Cancelled Gigs

* sept 25th The Cavern Club Exeter
* sept 26th The Oz Bar Cardiff
* sept 27th The Central Poole

Due to circumstances totally out of our control, we have, at the last minute, had to cancel the above gigs. The gigs, hopefully, will all be re-scheduled for sometime in the very near future.
Our apologies to both the promoters and anyone who may have travelled to the shows.

18/09/03 - Bass Player Quits!

On the 14th August '03 Simon Dorey broke the news that he would be leaving the band in order to pursue his ongoing studies at Uni. Paddy and myself went into a mild state of panic/shock until Simon added that he was more than willing to fulfil all the upcoming gig commitments whilst we bury ourselves trying to find a replacement.

With 8 shows booked for September alone the timing could've been better for us, but we realized Simon was caught between a rock and a hard place waiting for his A level results.

Amazingly this story does, already, have a happy ending; within 3 days we'd been put in touch with Colin Renton, former bassist with Floor, and more recently Melaleuca.

We tried him out at the next rehearsal and he seemed to fit in just fine. His prodigious talent for learning ,his willingness to subject himself to bad sounding rehearsal tapes all day long  ,and his enthusiasm for the slightly unconventional Ipanema groove; meant that on Sept 3rd we played our first gig with him at the Telegraph in Brixton. Even by our sometimes impossibly high standards we weren't too sloppy!

We are very sad to see Simon go, despite the occasional heated and always hilarious debates about the state of ' Punk ' and the evilness of the music business itself, we shared some glorious moments and i truly regret that it never turned out to be all he wanted it to be. He was a real rock for me, in the turbulent times of Serpico especially (as was Paddy), and having someone you know you can trust stand alongside you when things turn crap counts for an awful lot (pretty obvious i know, but things need to be said rather than taken for granted sometimes).

Myself and Paddy genuinely wish Simon,and Kelly,all the very best of luck for the future. Though he may have decided not to carry on making music (for now! ), i've still got a feeling that one day he will do something great in whichever field he chooses. He, and his vast collection of Motley Crue t-shirts, will be missed and fondly remembered by all.
1 June 2003
Debut single

Our Debut single, "Je suis un baseball bat vs Skull" is now available as a CD single and limited edition 7" white vinyl.

Check out www.bosstuneage.com for more details. Will be available in shops late June. Mail order only until then.

13/04/03 - Attention all video/film makers

We’d love to make a promo video for our first single (to be released late may), If you think you can come up with something on a laughably tiny budget then please contact us as soon as you can. Even a rudimentary performance video would be cool as long as it looked good and was of sufficient quality to be shown on T.V. Allow us to be your passport into the unfeasibly shallow world of the music biz!

13/04/03 - Official Web Site Launched

Set up by the band for all you people out there in cyber space. If it's happening, you will read about it here.

01/02/03 - Debut Single Released

Our first single will be out in the very near future. Featuring the tracks "JE SUIS UN BASEBALL BAT" and "SKULL", it looks like it may rock a few worlds.