Wiz Tribute pages



Radio Station

Keith Woodhouse
Keith Woodhouse, delta fm DJ extraordinaire! Likes a Guinness, and a lot of good rock music. Check his page out!


Blast 1386
Cracking little local Digital Radio station.All tied in with reading college of art and design. They play our songs, which is all good and actually it is the best quality 56k feed I have heard in a long time.


The Hitchin Hours. Put together a nice PODCast of Ipanema. Hitch be the Man!


Green Dragon Radio
A cracking radio show of unsigned/unheard bands. they put together a 2 hour show once a week. We got the pleasure of being the opening band mid April 2005. Only fair to add a Link!



The Agincourt
The Agincourt in Camberley is famous country wide for being a decent nightclub and venue for many acts in the past.


Bull & Gate
Great live venue in Kentish Town, London. We play there a lot. There is also a couple of our live sets in the audio archive too.


West End Centre
Arts centre in Aldershot which plays host to bands, comedians, and exhibitions. Always a great gig, this place has seen many top bands on their way up, including The Manics, Hundred Reasons, Reuben and "A".


Tumbledown Dick
Great pub and live venue in Farnborough. Regular gigs here too. Run by some very nice people indeed. Our most recent live photos are posted here.


Atomic Garden
Our good friends from Clermont Ferrand in France. If you haven't heard them you should, the music is amazing. Punchy guitars, thumping drums, powerful bass and supersonic vocals. They're not just any band they are truly a great band and they are going all the way to the top!


Workin Lunch

A cracking ska/rock/metal band. Drummer is amazing with the best sounding kick drum in the world! check them out.

Jetplane Landing
Seriously good Band. Serious tunes. Check them out. Veterans in the music biz, with their own label as well! Also their Community links pages have links to almost every venue in the country, and loads of top class bands.


Just go check it.


Pilot Passenger
Rock and roll, the way nature intended it.


Love Junk
Top geezers from Ipswich, who also happen to brighten up our lives with some glorious Punk/Rock/pop type stuff.


Big Wednesday
if you want to hear something that's on the brink of mega stardom, have a look at these guys.


Fantastic Trash-Rock/Punk band from our neck of the woods. Definitely set to change a few lives so keep your eye on them. Really nice, genuine bunch of blokes too. Fantastic Musicians.


Voices in your head
oh my god what a band. Female vocals, dirty guitars, tight drums, and Hammond organ keyboards over the top. From Portugal, A CD that is worth trying to import!


Spectrum 7
Electronic rock/punk. good tight guitars and great vocals.


Silo Zane
Nu Skool emo, all good. interesting sounds, good hooks.



Mega City Four Myspace page

Maintained by Martyn John this is a tribute myspace page to the Fab Farnborough Four.



Specialise in affordable, professional web sites for musicians and bands. Run by Steve, who is another top geezer and former band-mate of Simon.


Does Everyone Stare? Records
American label who are putting out our single stateside.


Urban Decay
Site for unsigned bands. Resources, other bands, downloads etcetc.
Ipanema are on there :)


A massive resource/collecting point for bands, promoters, companies...pretty much anything involving live music. We have got a profile on there as well. Very well run site, very friendly, with loads of decent information and a very very active forum.


Holloway Photography
Cracking photos. check our media section (hint: the best looking photos are by him!!!)


The Farnborough Groove
The site where you can find out all sorts of fascinating stuff about the bands who appear, or appear to appear, on the latest compilation c.d. plus gig details, dietary requirements, and up to date weather forecasts for Pinewood road in Minley. A cracking good read.


Bugbear Promotions
A genuine, reliable, promoter. Puts on gigs at the Dublin Castle, Camden and the Hope & Anchor, Islington.


Trailer Park Trash
UK Punk fanzine and promoters. Put on gigs in Bath.


U.K BASE Fanzine
Home of unpopular UK music they claim. Posted a review of our Je suis un Baseballbat Vs Skull CD.


Pete Cole
A man who takes a lot of photos of a lot of bands. Check out his work on our Debut single. He knows lots of useful things about the local scene. A nice bloke as well which always helps.


Boss Tuneage
People behind our first single. Run by top bloke Aston Stephens, Its an honest label which puts the music first. Also a place for info on where to buy our first single.


Big Takeover Magazine
American Guide to Punk/Rock. Editor Jack Rabid loves his music and it shows here.


Iron Skies Fanzine
Spanish E-Zine run by ever friendly Julian and friends. A great site with loads of stuff on International and Spanish Punk/Rock bands. Well worth a look.


Hard-Rocking types from Canada. So good they'll strip the paint from your walls and leave your head screaming for a week. Check out their albums, we guarantee you'll have to scrape your jaw up off the carpet.


Phil Wilkins
Another top bloke who runs a fan site dedicated to one of Wiz's previous bands- Mega City Four. A Fantastic site with loads of stuff including Ipanema Pics.


rock pics
some superb pics of bands all over France, including us. if your ever gigging there get this guy to take some snaps!


Ben Startup/Valley Studios
Cool Recording Studio and Rehearsal rooms in Winchester. Run by Ben who was responsible for overseeing our much sought after set of demos. Top bloke running a top studio with a Punk-Rock vibe.


Stakeout Studios
We recorded "Me Me Me" with Jason @ Stakeout and as you know it sounds awesome. If you need a recording/album/single/whatever this is the place to go!