Saw your picture on the wall,
it seems impossible,
that you could ever age.
Tore your picture from the wall,
and tried to look inside,
the faithless and the blind,
can always see it.

Every in and every out,
every joke to get hung up about.
Every whisper every scream,
every silently afraid to speak.

Intravenous people, supersonic evil.

Cut off your nose to spite your face,
fingers to a fist,
pretend I don't exist.
Of all the things I could have done,
I chose to stay in bed,
turned off the alarm,
did nothing instead.

It was nothing like the sun,
but it seemed to shine on everyone.
It was nothing like a dream,
it was nothing like reality.

Unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown
nobody knew me.
Knew me.

She turns and turns again.
She takes away the pain.
She takes my breath away.
She burns the flag again.
She burns the flag,
burns the flag,
burns the flag,