The Ipanema anthology containing all of the songs Ipanema ever recorded. All profits from the sale of this record will go towards the Forward 4 Wiz Trust which
was set up to help out talented bands and musicians with advice and some small financial assistance for all the little, and some bigger, things that often get ignored. Creativity matters. Inspiration matters. Music matters.
Ipanema/Atomic Garden
The split single with French bad Atomic Garden. The idea was to do one new song and then each band would cover one of the other bands songs acoustically. We had no idea it would all turn out so well. Both bands were extremely pleased with the results.

Me Me Me

"Has it really been a decade since Farnborough (i.e. nowhere), England’s MEGA CITY FOUR split up, depriving us of one of the best and most honest singer/songwriters from those isles? There have been precious few fixes for fans of WIZ since. Imagine old, punky Megas’ classics like “Miles Apart” and “Me Not You” with a decidedly grungy flavor added to his guitar." - Jack Rabid (Big Takeover)
Je Suis Un Baseball Bat vs Skull

"In today’s world there’s not very many bands that debut with a single, so it’s kinda nice to go back to the day when you could get an introduction in two tracks and soak in an impression in concentrated form. Sounding more than a little like Snuff, these Brits have the sort of band that I might have ignored with a debut lp – emo often gets to be too much over a full length. But bashed up and out in 6 minutes it can be a blast. Which this is." - Steve Gardner (Big Takeover)